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Write Research Papers Online

Write Research Papers OnlineWriting research papers online is a great way to get the facts right and to contribute your ideas to the evolving knowledge base. It allows you to do it with little investment and without the added pressure of attending lectures or managing an office. While it is possible to publish an online research paper through your local university, publishing online is quite easy as well, and if you have expertise in the subject area, it could be a good way to broaden your horizons.Online publications offer a degree of anonymity to the author and can provide the support needed for hard-core research. The tools that make up the web are fairly simple and the editing tools are most often designed for online publications. If you want to be sure that the articles you publish online will stand up to peer review, they need to be in such a way that readers can understand the research, the methods used and your findings.The best way to write research papers online is to use a rticle writing software that you can use to compose a draft. The more you write, the more informed you will be about your topic. There are several article writing software packages available on the market, and it is important to choose one that gives you the features you need to produce well-informed articles.First, articles must include relevant information about the topics covered in the articles. These articles should also be relevant to the topic of the article itself. Research papers may include your thoughts and personal experiences about the topic, or they may offer an overview of the subject.Writing research papers online should include the link to your research paper. That link should be direct and not disguised as a footer or navigation help. When someone reads an article online, the first thing they will see is the author's name, and so the link should not seem to 'warp' to the reader's eye. It must be easy to follow and the link should lead directly to the article itself .As a writer, you have to use common sense when you write research papers online. Do not fall into the trap of using irrelevant examples to illustrate your point, unless it is to highlight an important point that you cannot reach without the example.Finally, be patient and prepared to be criticized for your research papers online. You will need to provide evidence for your findings and be ready to defend your research as well as the conclusions you draw from it.

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The Effect of Recall on Non-Meaningful Words - 1454 Words

PSYC 319: PRACTICALS IN LEARNING (2011/ 2012) TOPIC: The Effect of Word Position on Recall of Non-meaningful Words. ID NUMBER: 10306280 ABSTRACT: 60 participants were selected randomly from University of Ghana, Accra City Campus and the main campus. They were assigned to 2 groups, experimental and control group. The experimental group was made to immediately recall in serial order, a list of 16 3-letter nonsense syllables within a period of 30 seconds, after the words were presented on a screen serially. This was done 10 times per student. The same procedure was used for the control group however they were made to recall the same items in any order (free recall). The average correct responses were recorded and the results†¦show more content†¦Each stimulus item was shown for a period of 2 seconds before the next item appeared. For each participant, a different score sheet was used to record the response. Scoring was done by adding up the number of correct responses made during each trial for the 10 trials to obtain a measure of total number of items correctly recalled by each participant. Statistical Analysis and Results: GROUP (N=60) EXPERIMENTAL GROUP (n=30) CONTROL GROUP (n=30) Sediff TEST OF SIGNIFICANCE MEAN 27.500 72.167 3.878 df = 58 level of significance = 0.05 tcrit = 1.648 (directional test) tobs = 11.518 p 0.05 STANDARD DEVIATION 12.714 17.015 From the table shown above, tobs(11.518) tcrit (1.648) at a 0.05 level of significance, therefore, we reject H0 in favor of H1. This means that the students who used free recall had a greater chance of scoring higher in their number of correct responses than those who used serial recall. DISCUSSION From the results of the experiment, we can see that there is a significant difference in the effect of the position of the word on recall. This can be seen as students who used free recall scored higher than those who used serial recall. It was also observed that students in the experimental group (those who used serial recall) could hardly remember the words towards the end of the list; the scores diminished as they approached the end of the list. On the other hand, students in the control group (those who used free recall) could rememberShow MoreRelatedTest1237 Words   |  5 PagesResults from experiment one indicated that response latency times rised systematically as the questions necessitated deeper levels of processing—semantic as opposed to structural questions of the word (Craik Tulving, 1975). Performance on the retention test increased significantly, from below 20% recognized for questions concerning structural characteristics to 96% for sentence questions (Craik Tulving, 1975). The results have thus shown that different questions requiring different encoding strategiesRead MoreA Short Note On Silent And Oral Modes Of Learning1592 Words   |  7 PagesThe Von Restorff effect – also known as the Isolation effect – is a form of a Memory bias in favour of remembering the unusual. It predicts that â€Å"if an item is isolated, that item is learned faster, retained longer, and recalled better than a non-isolated item† (Homes, C. Arbogast, R., 1979) Previous research on the Isolation effect has focussed on which conditions the isolate is more recalled in. I-Ning Huang and Craig Wille (1979) conducted research on the difference in recall of the isolateRead MoreThe Working Memory Model Proposed by Alan Baddeley and Graham Hitch1630 Words   |  7 PagesThe experiment was in the form of a word recognition test. Participants went through a list of 12 words; the words were all thematically related (car, wheel, bike, motorcycle †¦), with the exception of one of two in the list (pencil). After they had gone through the list, they were presented with another set of words, and were asked to recognize which of those words had been present in the initial list. Each of these ‘recognition sets’ contained at least one word that belonged to the same overarchingRead MoreDoes Gender Have An Effect On Memory?1444 Words   |  6 Pagesthink about our future. We would not be able to remember what we did yesterday, what we did today or what we will do tomorrow. Without memory, what would we remember? Nothing. The question is does gender have an effect on memory? Can men recall memories better than women? Or can women recall memories better than men? The Study of human memory started about two thousand years ago by Aristotle’s first attempt to understand how memory works. Aristotle â€Å"compared the human mind to a blank slate and theorizedRead MoreModels amd Stages of Memory Essay746 Words   |  3 Pagesthe importance of rehearsal is the one by psychologist named Craik and Lockhart (1972). Their model of memory known as the levels of processing model explains that contrasting the multi store model this model carries a non-structured approach. This idea was shaped due to an effect of the criticism levelled at the multi store model. Craik and Lockhart (1972) model idea basically is that memory is the happening and result of one’s information process. As a substitute of focusing on the stores or structuresRead MoreImproving Quality And Efficiency Of Patient Care1410 Words   |  6 PagesMeaningful Use in the medical field describes the adaptation of health care in three stages and is based on things like improv ing quality and efficiency of patient care, engaging patients and family members in the patients’ health, and the improvement upon population and public health. Stage one, which began in 2010, focused on the use of Electronic Health Records. The second, which took root in late 2012, increased the implementation of patient education, participation, and care-coordination. TheRead MoreThe Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Basic Vital Signs And Cognitive Function Essay1433 Words   |  6 Pages A Review of a Sleep Deprivation Study The Effects of Total Sleep Deprivation on Basic Vital Signs and Cognitive Function in Humans Leighton S. Holliday University of the People Introduction In today’s society sleep deprivation has reached a level where it becomes a serious problem and over the past thirty years scientist have been studying the negative consequences of insufficient sleep. It is recommended that we get an average of eight hours of sleep each night, however, due to thisRead MoreTip of the Tongue Essay1325 Words   |  6 Pagesability to retrieve words from the lexicon (mental dictionary) to form speech sounds usually requires little conscious effort. However word retrieval which is not carried out accordingly can require greater cognitive effort, affecting speech production (Abrams, 2008). When the recall of words stored in a lexicon is delayed, it is commonly due to tip-of-the-tongue (TOT) states. TOT experiences are temporary and frustrating word recall problems . The ways in which TOT states occur to effect speech h productionRead MoreThe Role Of Concreteness And Imagery Of Mental Processing1913 Words   |  8 Pageswith two distinct systems: the verbal system, which deals specifically with language and the non-verbal imagery system, which deals with nonlinguistic objects and events (Clark Paivio 1991; Harley 2008; Paivio et al. 1988). The two systems are distinct, yet they are interconnected to each other in a way that activation in one system can lead to activation in the other. For example, one can think of the word apple and also visualize the object apple. The dual coding theory holds that concrete languageRead MoreBrand Element Analysis1612 Words   |  7 Pagesundertake less risk. Thus it is a good choose for companies to launch a new brand to expand the size of company. When company wants to launch a new brand, they need to consider many brand elements and there are six general criteria (which are memorable, meaningful, likable, transferable, adaptable and protectable) that use to assess these brand elements. The main brand elements are Names, logos and symbols, characters, URLs, jingles and packaging. First of all, every product needs a name that is the most

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Fear of Communism Caused the Vietnam War Essay - 1622 Words

The Vietnam war has been referred to by many names, one of the longer ones was the cornerstone of the free world southeast Asia. It was called that by John F. Kennedy. He was talking about Vietnam being and essential country in a non-communist world. He believed that if Vietnam became a communist country, all of the surrounding countries would also become communists. This is the main reason America was involved in the Vietnam war. Another reason was that America wanted to spread their â€Å"political ideas around the globe†. They wanted to do this so that their anti-communism stance was clear. The public also wanted to keep communism from spreading. To soldiers, the war was like a crusade, a great journey to purge the communists from Vietnam.†¦show more content†¦The public was on board the war train for the first few years of the war, until they found out what it was actually like in Vietnam. Public view of the war immediately changed negatively. When the news reache d the soldiers in Vietnam, reactions were mixed. While they could understand why the people didnt like the prospect of war, they were still killing-even when they didnt want to-for their country. Some soldiers didnt know how to respond. One solder wrote to his mother and told her that for one second he felt as if he was on vacation because it was so beautiful in Vietnam. Another one told his mom â€Å"not to worry, there is nothing I cant handle†. While the soldiers could handle the physical horrors happening to them, it was the mental stuff that was breaking them down. The Vietnam war did not officially start until the 1950s. This is when the U.S. started sending in troops. Before then the French had been trying to conquer what was then called Indochina. They began their conquest in 1859, by 1888 they had turned the area that is now called Vietnam and Cambodia into the Colony of French Indochina. This was challenged many times by different uprisings but none worked as well as the Viet Minh common front( this was controlled by the Vietnamese communist party). During WWII the French were defeated by the Germans. This severely weakened their authority in Vietnam. In 1940 the Japanese invaded andShow MoreRelatedThe Cause For The Vietnam War1442 Words   |  6 PagesAmong the causes for the Vietnam War are the Western fear of communism, the remnants of nineteenth-century colonialism, and tensions caused by World War Two and the Cold War, but these causes could easily have been circumvented and the Vietnam War prevented. As is often the case with wars, one of the most influential factors in the causation of the Vietnam War was fear, especially fear of communism and social upheaval. The anti-communist policies of Western culture had the greatest direct influenceRead MoreFears Of Communism : The Cold War792 Words   |  4 Pages Fears of Communism It was the Cold War, causing the space race and the arms race between America and Soviet Russia since 1947. In its midst the Cold War changed the United States dramatically, ranging from political to social problems all around the country. During the Cold War period there were many positive and negative effects on U.S. politics. One political effect on politics in the U.S. was Executive Order 9835 or Loyalty Order. This order requires all federal employees to be analyzedRead MoreRelationship Between Identity And Security1400 Words   |  6 Pagesconflicts, states are invested in promoting their constructed identity, and challenging the opposing identity. In the following section, this essay will be using the elements of interests, alliances, and fear of the other to demonstrate the underpinning of the relationship in the three events of the Vietnam War, dà ©tente and the 2003 Iraq invasion. Interests are important in the relationship as it allows us to observe why a state is involved in a conflict. With the U.S., the majority of the time it is interestedRead MoreThe Vietnam War1100 Words   |  5 PagesThe Vietnam War began on November 1st, 1955.Vietnam decided to have this war because since a very long time ago, Vietnam wished to have a government that was independent, since it has been for a long period of time, colonized first by China, then France and Japan. The United States started this war as a result of the Cold War. This war is caused by the belief that communism was going to expand through south-east Asia, which is not of great content for the United States, since they hold a capitalistRead MoreThe Cold War Times : A Theory Of Containment1073 Words   |  5 PagesQuestion 1: During cold war times, the US’ had a theory of containment. Containment made to stop the spread of communism, because it was thought that if the US could not stop communist countr ies than it could work on stopping communism from spreading. In 1954, Vietnam was able to become independent from France. The country was divided along the 17th parallel, and North Vietnam and South Vietnam were created. Ho Chi Minh led North Vietnam and it had a communistic government, which was supported byRead MoreThe United States During The Cold War1733 Words   |  7 Pagesthroughout World War II, and during the Cold War. Post WWII America was thriving with industry, and the economy flourishing. This marked the start of the baby boomer era, and people were happy because the depression was over. America had political interest in both Vietnam and the Philippines because of they wanted to spread democracy and defend people against communism. They also wanted to give Vietnam to France as they once had it, but Ho Chi Minh declared independence for Vietnam and himself presidentRead MoreEssay on The War in Vietnam1662 Words   |  7 PagesThe War in Vietnam America became increasingly involved in the war in Vietnam, mainly because of the domino theory, the fear of the spread of communism. If South Vietnam fell to the communist the US feared that communism would spread throughout Asia and to neighbouring countries. The influence of the previous presidents also caused another main reason for the US to become more involved in Vietnam. But there is one underlining fact; if the ‘French had not left, AmericaRead MoreImpact Of The Cold War On The World Essay1560 Words   |  7 PagesWas the impact of the Cold War felt most heavily felt by the superpowers (Europe, Russia, and the United States) or in the developing world? The Cold War (1945-1991), a war fought between two social, economic, and political ideologies: Communism and Capitalism. Although essentially fought between two superpowers, the United States of America (U.S.A.) and the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic (U.S.S.R.), the impact was most heavily felt in the developing world. Although there was no direct fightingRead MoreThe Cold War Times : A Theory Of Containment904 Words   |  4 PagesQuestion 1: During cold war times, the US’ had a theory of containment. Containment made to stop the spread of communism, because it was thought that if the US could not stop communist countries than it could work on stopping communism from spreading. In 1954, Vietnam was able to become independent from France. The country was divided along the 17th parallel, and North Vietnam and South Vietnam were created. Ho Chi Minh led North Vietnam and it had a communistic government, which was supported byRead MoreThe Vietnam War And The Soviet Union1535 Words   |  7 PagesThe Vietnam War During the Vietnam War, United States involvement was for personal reasons and fear of communism. Neither the United States or the Soviet Union should have been involved. The War was just used as a cover up for the actual silent, passive aggressive war between the United States and the Soviet. The Vietnam war was started by the North â€Å"Viet Cong† and their desire to unify Vietnam under communist rule. The South was against communism, making tensions grow until eventually, a war broke

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Facility and Risk Management-Free-Samples-Myassignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about the Facility and Risk Management Hospitality Operations (Grand Hyatt, Melbourne). Answer: Grand Hyatt, Melbourne Melbourne, most populous and the capital city of Australia has been rating high in heath care and hospitality making the most livable city in the world. For the case study the venue of Grand Hyatt, Melbourne is chosen with brief description and history of the venue. Lastly the floor plan for the VCA is discussed with designing this in a blank form. Melbourne possesses a temperate oceanic condition and changing weather condition. The Grand Hyatt consists of the luxury accommodations of more than five hundred large guestrooms with more than eighty clubrooms and twenty-five premium suites (Melbourne, 2017). The purpose of the venue has been to deliver the most possible experience to the guests with returning of good financial outcomes for the business owners. The city has been the home to various architecturally valuable National Trust museums and homes with historically important gardens and parks. Values are added to the rich history of the city in various historical monuments and buildings. Melbourne has continued to develop as the vibrant and globally sought after hospitality destination. The current situations have inspired bold innovations engaging visitors, workers and residents alike. An essential measure for safety is nominated at every venue at Melbourne using AS 1851-2005 (Chhetri 2014). This has been to deliver the maintenance within the manual. The details of the record levels kept are included in the maintenance schedules of the sections 2 to 19 of this standard. The owners of the venue have been developing the log sheets by using the table of maintenance given in the standard for every important safety measures. The Venue Condition Assessment (VCA) of the center at Grand Hyatt has been done on the cost estimation basis. The cost estimates could range from the component based estimations depending on the methods used. This must be based on the local data to the wider estimating the magnitude order helpful for future and one time necessities. References: Chhetri, A.N.J.A.L.I., 2014. Modelling spatial tourism and hospitality employment clusters using geographical information systems. Melbourne, G. (2017).Grand Hyatt Melbourne | 5 Star Luxury Accommodation. [online] Melbourne.grand.hyatt.com. Available at: https://melbourne.grand.hyatt.com/en/hotel/home.html [Accessed 30 Jul. 2017]. Trove. (2017).Assessing building performance / edited by Wolfgang F. E. Preiser, Jacqueline C. Vischer. - Version details. [online] Available at: https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/17812658?selectedversion=NBD26259104 [Accessed 30 Jul. 2017]

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Timeless Tales of The Blond e Indian Essays - Tlingit People

Timeless Tales of The "Blond e Indian" Thomas McCormack University of Alaska Anchorage Author's note For this essay I examined how Hayes' experiences, views, and culture helped shape the way that she would share her world through scholarly concepts and definitions from her story: Blonde Indian . I believe that I have succeeded in interpreting the story's meaning and why it is important to the audience. I do, however need work on the fluidity of my writing; perhaps that comes with lots and lots of practice. The caucus of Western-inspired genres initially confronts and is currently faced by traditional literary works. Blonde Indian: An Alaskan Native Memoir integrates, nature, history, culture, fiction, and clan tales into a n infused whole. Hayes influences alter the level of lyricism a nd separate narrative view. She uses the elements in the memoir ' s literary voice to ind icate changes to the audience, n arrated using articulate layers which i nfuse metaphor and native tales: spiritual journeys and social journey, the memoir traces Hayes' roots from a challenging childhood living among the Tlingit community, all through her adult life, and her return home (Brian, 2013) . Neither fully Euro-American or Native ; the author experiences a distinct sense of separation from both the prevailing culture and her Native people. Readers come across the author's challenges outside her native village together with clan's men scores who have never been alienated f r om the motherland however , they still struggle with personal problems. The challenges included : discriminati on, poverty, alcoholism, and unemployment. The "Blonde Indian" offers much more than an account of Hayes ' life because it delves into a symbo lic narrative of modern Natives' personal journey. These tales as told by the author have been passed down through generations of the Tlingit people for years. The story is filled histories, explanation, and tales which are distinct to the Tlingit people. The book is a documentation of the rich yet intricate cultural heritage. The author also offers a dedication to the Alaskan landscape, and a personal demonstration to how retreating in life and nature permits forward movement (Miller, et al. 2007) . With the opening statement, the author notifies the readers that she will narrate the tale in a manner that pays tribute to Tlingit oral tradition and ancestors. Hayes starts the narration in her native language. The original printed words of our ancestors " haa shagoon " further offering her native name Saankalaxt , before her "white man name." th e author moves to relive her ancestry, where she sets up both her precision in speak as a Tlingit native and her personal connection to the ancestral land. She recounts that they belong to Lingit Aani " It is a customary opening to what has become, sorrowfully, a customary tale: Native Alaskan communities destroyed by alcohol abuse and assimilations ideolo gies. Nonetheless, the writer presents hopeful story of going back to her ancestral roots that will forever embrace its natives (Ernestine, 2006) . Born of a white man and a Lingit woman, Hayes grew up in Juneau, Alaska, a native Indian village , before relocating to California. According to (Fuller-Thomson Minkler , 2005) N ative Indian communities as whole played an important role in raising a child. In Hayes ' case, she spent her childhood life being catered for by a grandmother while her mom is undergoing a tuberculosis treatment. The author, who began drinking alcohol during her teen life, narrates a life of filled with challenges such as prolonged periods of being homeless and abusive relations w i th men. The author also had an estranged relationship with her children. Through all these challenges, the thought of reconnecting with her native land gives her hope. Alaska is consistently portrayed not just as the only shaping factor of Hayes culture however as a component of the family, shows emancipation for Hayes. The author separates the memoir into four elements. She introduces each section by traditional tale, containing not only intricate details of her life but origin tales of family, Indian and clan histories. Hayes shifts from personal tales to Raven tales to her native land with minimal transition. She reminds her audience

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5 puntos migración de cubanos a EE.UU., incluido asilo

5 puntos migracià ³n de cubanos a EE.UU., incluido asilo La polà ­tica migratoria de Estados Unidos hacia los cubanos es, en algunos aspectos, diferente a la que se aplica al resto de nacionalidades y es fruto de la situacià ³n histà ³rica de la Guerra Frà ­a. Se estima que aproximadamente dos millones de cubanos y cubano-americanos residen en Estados Unidos, siendo Florida el estado donde un mayor nà ºmero se concentra. En la actualidad cuando se habla de migracià ³n y cubanos es necesario tener en cuenta 5 puntos: fin de polà ­tica de pies secos, pies mojados, Ley Ajuste Cubano, peticià ³n de asilo en frontera, deportaciones y, finalmente, solicitud de visas no inmigrantes para cubanos que desean visitar temporalmente Estados Unidos.  ¿Quà © significa el fin de Pies secos, pies mojados? Por decisià ³n del anterior presidente de Estados Unidos Barack Obama se puso fin a la polà ­tica de pies secos, pies mojados que durante aà ±os posibilità ³ a los cubanos emigrar ms fcilmente que otros extranjeros. Esta polà ­tica permità ­a quedarse en EE.UU. a los cubanos que tocaban suelo estadounidense y al aà ±o iniciar los trmites para obtener la tarjeta de residencia permanente, mientras que, por otro lado, se regresaban a Cuba o se enviaban a un tercer paà ­s a aquellos cubanos interceptados en el mar cuando trataban de llegar a EE.UU. Al mismo tiempo que se cambià ³ esa polà ­tica se puso fin al programa CMPP para trabajadores de sanidad cubanos en programas de trabajo fuera de la Isla. Ley de Ajuste Cubano Por la Ley de Ajuste Cubano de 2 de noviembre de 1966,  las personas de esa nacionalidad ingresaron  legalmente en Estados Unidos pueden solicitar la tarjeta de residencia mediante un ajuste de estatus, si pueden demostrar una estancia continuada en el paà ­s de un aà ±o y un dà ­a. Para ingresar legalmente se necesita una visa de inmigrante o una de los muchos tipos de visa no inmigrante, es decir, un documento emitido por una embajada o por un consulado de los Estados Unidos. Cubanos y asilo en Estados Unidos Para solicitar asilo en los pasos migratorios de una de las fronteras terrestres, aeropuertos o puertos de los Estados Unidos se pide a los cubanos que cumplan los mismos requisitos que los candidatos de otros paà ­ses. Para el caso de la frontera terrestre que separa EE.UU. y Mà ©xico, desde el 16 de julio de 2019 aplica la obligacià ³n de pedir previamente asilo en al menos un paà ­s por el que se haya transitado antes de llegar a dicha frontera. Para admitirse la solicitud de asilo en el puesto migratorio terrestre de EE.UU. tendr que demostrarse que se ha cumplido con ese requisito y que las autoridades de dicho tercer paà ­s la ha denegado. Ademas, cabe destacar que el asilo solo se aprueba por una de las circunstancias previstas por la ley y el hecho de ser de un paà ­s que es una dictadura o tiene un rà ©gimen comunista no es razà ³n suficiente para que el asilo sea aprobado. Los requisitos que pide la ley es que el solicitante haya sido perseguido o tema ser perseguido si regresa a su paà ­s por una de las siguientes causas: nacionalidad, raza, religià ³n, opinià ³n polà ­tica o membresà ­a en un grupo determinado. En la actualidad, un nà ºmero rà ©cord de cubanos que solicitaron asilo en la frontera y que las autoridades estadounidenses consideran que no tienen un buen caso de asilo se encuentran detenidos en prisiones migratorias mientras esperan que se resuelva su caso, lo cual puede demorarse meses. Por otro lado, los cubanos que solicitan el asilo y se les concede un parole para que ingresen al paà ­s pueden seguir en libertad su caso de asilo mientras que, al mismo tiempo, deben solicitar ajuste cubano al aà ±o y dà ­a de ingresar al paà ­s con el parole y cancelar, asà ­, la peticià ³n de asilo. En los aà ±os fiscales 2015 a 2017 –los à ºltimos de los que hay datos publicados por el gobierno– los cubanos no estn entre las diez nacionalidades con mayor nà ºmero de casos de asilo aprobado, tanto en la modalidad afirmativa como en la defensiva. Por à ºltimo, no se debe confundir el asilo con la condicià ³n de refugiado, que es una situacià ³n similar pero distinta y que tiene como condicià ³n imprescindible que la solicitud se realice fuera de EE.UU. y de sus fronteras. El Alto Comisionado de Naciones Unidas es una de las instituciones que se ocupa de tramitar el papeleo de la condicià ³n de refugiado para cubanos. Cubanos y deportacià ³n Durante dà ©cadas, Estados Unidos no deportaba a los cubanos. La razà ³n principal era la negativa del gobierno castrista de admitir a los cubanos deportados. Sin embargo, actualmente La Habana est admitiendo en su territorio a sus nacionales deportados siempre y cuanto se cumplan ciertas reglas fijadas conjuntamente con Estados Unidos. A consecuencia de ello, en el à ºltimo aà ±o fiscal EE.UU. deportà ³ a 436 cubanos. Para evitar la deportacià ³n es altamente recomendable que todos los cubanos que cumplen con los requisitos soliciten la ciudadanà ­a estadounidense por naturalizacià ³n, lo cual imposibilita la deportacià ³n a Cuba. Visas no inmigrante para cubanos En la actualidad, los Estados Unidos no est emitiendo visas en Cuba a ciudadanos cubanos, quienes deben solicitarlas en una oficina consular estadounidense en un tercer paà ­s como, por ejemplo, Mà ©xico. Asimismo, en estos momentos y por decisià ³n del gobierno del presidente Donald Trump ya no se emiten a los ciudadanos cubanos visas no inmigrantes, como la de turista, estudiante o intercambio, con validez de cinco aà ±os. Ahora las visas son vlidas para un à ºnico viaje por un mximo de tres meses. Cubanos y migracià ³n EE.UU. No aplica: Pies secos, pies mojados, polà ­tica que permità ­a quedarse en EE.UU. a todos los cubanos que tocasen suelo estadounidense. Esta polà ­tica dejà ³ de aplicarse el 12 de enero de 2017.No aplica: visas especiales CMPP para personal sanitario cubano en misiones en el exterior. Se dejà ³ de aplicar en misma fecha que Pies secos, pies mojados.Sà ­ aplica: Ley de Ajuste Cubano, que permite a todos los cubanos que ingresan a EE.UU. legalmente solicitar la tarjeta de residencia permanente al aà ±o y un dà ­a de entrar al paà ­s. Este es un artà ­culo informativo. No es asesorà ­a legal.

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Globalization Ph.D. Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Globalization Ph.D. - Essay Example The contemporary humans are well aware of the needs. The advent of the modern communication systems made the companies to identify the possible markets for their goods. The saturated markets are no more a worry for the companies as the markets are wide opens for them to explore. The global markets have certainly provided new marketing opportunities. As the communication is advanced, the connectivity increases people will get a chance to know the happenings round the world. People will have the chance of gaining the knowledge of the unique products available in the neighboring world. The global need and wants by the people would be perceived according to the availability of the concerned products. People are in search of products with high end technological excellence, better quality, and with more features. The migration of people for the developed countries to the various other parts of the world spread the product knowledge. The change in the lifestyles and more westernization in m ost parts of the world created markets which are huge and more lucrative than the home countries market. As the people migrated so as their habits and culture and life style were introduced to the new place where the migratory introduced his way of life to the host country. Universally the needs and wants are the same for every individual but the different people perceive the same need and want in different way. The better way with more technology and the usage of more unique products will entice the host population to product used by the visitors, thus the desire for the more enhanced products will arise. The host populations slowly divert from their normal native product and strive to perceive the visitor's modern product range. Multi national corporations who market the products gradually moved their products to the new markets with high demand and tried to establish their brands. Standard products need exists in the same way everywhere steel, chemicals, petroleum, cement, agricultural commodities and equipment, industrial and commercial construction, computers, semiconductors, transport, electronic instruments, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications, to mention some of the obvious. Mc. Donald advanced an extra mile and introduced unique food itineraries to the other parts of the world with its fast food outlets. The commonality in the preference of the humans has had forced the inevitability to welcome a universal product .Mc Donald theory has proved to the perfect example as the company marketed the same food products to the global market .Mc Donald is truly global in its terms as it has molded the organizational performance according to the external environment they were in. Mc Donald's exemplifies levitt's theory as it has evolved into world class food chain establishing in nearly hundred countries identifying itself with the environment. According to the levitt's theory Mc Donald's has identified appropriateness value-the best combinations of price, quality, reliability and delivery suitable to that with respect to design, function, and even fashion. Levitt stated that a company forces costs and prices down and pushes quality and reliability up-while maintaining reasonable concern for suitability-customers will prefer its world-standardized products which was implemented by Mc Donald's in every outlet it has opened. A truly global mission is modernity and its